Charge based on the transformation you create, know how to connect your expertise and evidence-based science to real-world application, and stand out on social media to attract dream clients

Out with the OLD,
in with the PROFITABLE

The in-person, pay-as-you-go, be-a-generalist model of seeing clients as a healthcare practitioner NO LONGER WORKS for many dietitians or nutritionists (nor their clients).

Not only does this traditional model of seeing clients leave most of us feeling limited by the amount of impact we can make with pay-as-you-go sessions, but we also often feel limited by our bandwidth (how many clients we can see) and our income (how much we can make).

That’s because pricing for sessions is often dictated by competitors, insurance companies, or federal government funding with Medicare rebates (which means our income might be capped at $56 per session - that’s for up to 5 sessions per year in Australia!).

I believe you deserve to make the impact you know you can make AND be compensated well for it.

That’s why dietitians and nutritionists need a NEW model. We need to do things differently for our sake, and our clients.

Enter the: Profitable Online Practice Framework

Clients sign up to work with you for months at a time (which means you get to create a longer-term impact on their lives).

You spend more time on client attraction than client retention.

You spend more time answering emails, rescheduling appointments, and dealing with no-shows than you do working with clients.

You get paid by the session (which is often dictated by competitors or insurance rebates).

You don't get to serve your clients fully and show up as the expert you are, and you often feel underpaid, undervalued, and burnt out.

You're limited by your bandwidth (how many clients you can see) and your income (how much you can make).

Clients seek out your expertise and commit to working with you until they achieve their goals.

You charge thousands of dollars for the transformation you provide and get paid every month (regardless of whether or not you're seeing clients).

You create a huge impact in your clients' lives and get to do work you love with clients all across the globe. You feel deeply satisfied.

You get to serve clients one-to-many, and there's no cap on how much impact or money you can make!

The traditional way of working with clients as a dietitian vs. the Profitable Online Practice Dietitian






Our clients often generate $5k-10k per month working an average of 3 days per week based on a flexible schedule that suits them... And that’s just the start!

Following our Profitable Online Practice Framework, you can enrol clients at a price point of at least $1000, as a start. This means you need to enrol way fewer clients to earn more than the average salary of a full-time Dietitian! It also means your marketing efforts yield a bigger per client return -- at least 17x more!

Traditionally, healthcare practitioners charge per session, sometimes making just $56 per client. (How did I know this? $56 is the per-session government rebate for dietitians here in Australia.) 

Many of our clients pass $100k in annual income in just their first 6-12 months of running an online practice, working an average of 3 days per week based on a flexible schedule that suits them... And that’s just the start!

The average incomes for a Dietitian in the US and Australia are $64k and $87k a year respectively, working 8 hours a day with a fairly rigid schedule.

Other benefits of building a Profitable Online Practice

When you run a traditional in-person private practice, you don't get paid when you don't see clients. (That means it's often hard to take time off and you're likely not getting paid over the holiday season.)

However, when you run an online practice, you get paid every single month (whether you're seeing clients or spending a week at the beach with your family).


Build your business foundation, map out your client journey, and streamline your practice so you can take on more clients (and make more money) without burning yourself out.

Step Two


Clarify what you do and who you help so you establish your competitive advantage, stand out from the crowd, and craft your marketing message to attract your ideal clients right away.

Step One

How to Build a Profitable Online Practice


Convert followers and leads into clients, position yourself as the sought-after expert in your niche, and learn how to price and sell your program so you get paid (fast!).

Step Four


Attract ideal clients, create meaningful content, and stay in front of your ideal clients no matter what happens with the social media algorithm so you’re consistently bringing in new leads and growing your practice.

Step Three


Delight your clients and turn them into raving fans who become your biggest advocate, complete your programs, and get amazing results they (and you) can’t wait to share.

Step Five

Prefer a more intimate coaching container and want to work together one-on-one to build your profitable online practice? If you’ve been in business for at least one year and want to grow your business to multiple six figures, expand your team, and/or refine and automate your sales funnel, this is for you!  



Ready to scale your online practice to $10k months & beyond? The Momentum Club™ builds on the Accelerator Program™ and takes your practice to the next level with email marketing, automated funnels, and digital courses. You'll learn everything you need to scale to 6-figures & beyond!



Learn how to start and build your profitable online practice, create your irresistible offer, position and sell your services online, and onboard clients with ease. I'll show you the roadmap and everything you need to start and grow your business to $3-5k months!



How We Can Work Together

Accelerate your success and create more momentum in your business

I started my private practice in 2017 with no idea how to run a business. Within 18 months of starting my Instagram account, I grew organically to over 50,000 followers and my online IBS practice hit $255k annual revenue.

I've since retired my husband from his day job and now help other Dietitians and Nutritionists build a Profitable Online Practice using the exact framework that’s helped me and my clients reach $5k, $10k, and $20k+ months.

I’m so passionate about helping you build and grow your business because I believe you are incredibly talented. I believe you can serve a lot more people across the globe so let's build your visibility online!

I want to help you create a profitable business that allows you to live a richer life, so you get to enjoy the time and financial freedom you deserve. 

Hey, I'm Charlyn! I'm an IBS Dietitian with 13+ years of experience, and I'm passionate about helping other Dietitians and Nutritionists build their dream businesses and create more freedom in their lives doing what they love.

Meet Your Business Coach: Charlyn

Endometriosis & Fertility Dietitian (Australia)

Meet Stefanie Valakas

"With Charlyn’s help, I’ve been able to transition to a fully virtual practice… and I’ve raised my prices too! I feel like it’s changed my business in many positive ways and she’s kept me accountable and motivated to work toward my goal."


Meet Jessie Wong

"Charlyn has been a mentor and cheerleader all along the way, showing me how to implement the strategies step-by-step so I am not overwhelmed.​

Prior to working with her, I’ve had my in-person private practice for 3 years. I was burning myself out working 2 jobs and I never paid myself a salary.

With her help, I have successfully launched 2 group programs and hit a $12K month, all whilst home-schooling 2 young children during COVID. Charlyn gave me the confidence to charge what I am worth and step outside of my comfort zone to show up on social media and make a difference in other people’s lives."


Meet Chelsea McCallum

"Working with Charlyn has quite literally changed my life. There is no better way to describe the transformation in my mindset and business since starting her program. In the last 6 months, I have built my confidence, learnt my worth, left my full-time job, and tripled my usual salary.

I started from ground zero. I was waiting for the perfect time to start my business. The truth is, there is NO perfect time. Invest in yourself and your business, you’ll not regret it!"


Meet Amanda Hyunh

"Connecting with Charlyn early on in my career has been the BEST business decision I’ve made so far. I would not be where I am now without her program, support, and guidance.

As a new graduate, I was pretty lost in my direction. Charlyn’s program has given me a structured framework to build a strong foundation for my business, and the opportunity to scale my business early on.

Charlyn is authentic, caring and encouraging. She really is your biggest cheerleader. She continues to go above and beyond to help and motivate you to let go of self-limiting beliefs, have confidence in yourself and take a giant stride toward your dreams.

I highly recommend you to connect with Charlyn if you want to create a successful business that allows you to have work-life balance. I’m so grateful for you Charlyn!!"



Meet Ebony Crameri

"Working with Charlyn has been one of the best investments that I’ve made in my business.

The support, encouragement & guidance I have received from Charlyn has been exceptional. Her feedback is constructive & pushes me to step outside of my comfort zone and build my business without burning out. I’m now able to see clients anywhere in the world & make a bigger impact in my niche.

I have seen consistent growth in my online business & have exceeded my revenue goals each month. As a result, I’ve been able to leave my hospital role to focus on building my private practice. I honestly believe that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve these results as quickly as I have without Charlyn’s support."


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