Hear from our clients as they share their success stories and experience working with us.

Success Stories

Stefanie Valakas
(Fertility & Endo Dietitian)

"Working with Charlyn has changed my business in many ways"

Christie Austin-Hore (Endometriosis Dietitian)

"Within 3 months, my business revenue literally quadrupled!"

Gillian Markham (Nutritionist)

Working with Charlyn has literally changed my life.

Her experience and knowledge is so extensive. The level of detail and value inside both Momentum and Accelerator is outstanding making this one of, if not THE most valuable online business program available.

Charlyn has taken what could be considered a very overwhelming and daunting world of online business and turned it into an accessible, supportive and most importantly achievable experience. She makes the process of starting an online business feel simple!

Anna Mapson (IBS Nutritionist)

The Momentum Club helped me to get clear on how I can grow my nutrition business without getting overwhelmed.

 Charlyn pushes you to achieve more without burnout, and there is a good mix of providing tools and resources, coaching & challenge, and discussion. The team are very helpful and nice to work with.

Kara Moore (PCOS Dietitian)

I was feeling really overwhelmed and lacked confidence about where to focus my efforts to get my online business off the ground before joining the Momentum Club and working with Charlyn.

Fast forward 6 months and I have successfully built a signature 1:1 program that has increased my monthly revenue, helped me reach my ideal clients and I have a plan in place for how to continue to grow my business.

If you thinking about starting your own online practice then I would highly recommend not wasting your time and joining the Momentum Club as it has everything you need to get started!

What Our Clients Say

Ebony Crameri
(PCOS & Hormone Dietitian)

"I reached those financial goals a lot faster than what I had anticipated!"

Gemma Gilbert
(Fatty Liver Dietitian)

15x Her Instagram Account and hit a $5k month


Meet Monique Cormack

Before I started coaching with Charlyn, I felt like I was investing a lot of time in a lot of different activities to try to grow my business. But without any real confidence, I wasn’t hitting the mark.

Through coaching, I have learned how to dive comfortably into my niche and attract my ideal client. I feel more confident in where I’m taking my business, and I’m meeting clients that I truly love to work with.

If you have always wanted to start your own online practice but feel like you are overwhelmed, I would absolutely recommend working with Charlyn. You’ll gain so much valuable information and you’ll also meet a very supportive group of like-minded people which makes you realise you’re not alone and that you really can do this.


Meet Jessie Wong

Charlyn has been a mentor and cheerleader all along the way, showing me how to implement the strategies step-by-step so I am not overwhelmed.​

Prior to working with her, I’ve had my in-person private practice for 3 years. I was burning myself out working 2 jobs and I never paid myself a salary.

With her help, I have successfully launched 2 group programs and hit a $12K month, all whilst homeschooling 2 young children during COVID. Charlyn gave me the confidence to charge what I am worth and step outside of my comfort zone to show up on social media and make a difference in other people’s lives.

Fertility Dietitian (Australia)

I just wanted to message you to say thank you so much for all of your guidance and expertise. I just did my revenue for this month and I hit $15,307!! And that's entirely me (not including revenue from my sub-contractor).

I can't believe it!! Working with you and moving online has changed my life. I honestly love my job. THANK YOU! X


kind words

Blake Avery
(Weight Loss Dietitian)

"I now have a framework for my clients that I feel really confident in"

(IBS Dietitian)

"I've seen my IG page grow exponentially!"

J, fertility nutritionist

Charlyn has been a wonderful business coach, mentor and support person during our time together. She has helped me create my business from scratch and always encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone to grow and learn.

She is also very understanding and relatable when it comes to work-life balance. The program is a great investment to help you grow and scale your business, from whatever stage you are at.

Gillian Markham (Nutritionist)

My GOD, it is the most thorough, in-depth, practical and easy to digest training I have ever completed (both Momentum and Accelerator). I was (and still do!) watch and re-watch lessons to fine tune and tweak areas I was working on. The information was easily digestible and removed the overwhelm and confusion if I was trying to do this on my own.

Tristen Jarvis (pcos nutritionist)

Hit my first $5k month (and on track for another $5k+ this month after launching my signature online program.

I always enjoyed my coaching sessions with Charlyn and walk away feeling supported and confident in what I am doing. 

Take the risk to invest in yourself/your business because it's so worth it!

What Our Clients Say

Arianne Drage

"I have pretty much tripled my revenue!"


"I tripled my revenue and just hit a $15k month!"


Meet Ebony Crameri

Working with Charlyn has been one of the best investments that I’ve made in my business.

The support, encouragement & guidance I have received from Charlyn has been exceptional. Her feedback is constructive & pushes me to step outside of my comfort zone and build my business without burning out. I’m now able to see clients anywhere in the world & make a bigger impact in my niche.

I have seen consistent growth in my online business & have exceeded my revenue goals each month. As a result, I’ve been able to leave my hospital role to focus on building my private practice. I honestly believe that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve these results as quickly as I have without Charlyn’s support.


IBS & Intuitive Eating Dietitian (USA)

Prior to working with Charlyn, I was confused with how to market myself on social media and how it could help me connect with my ideal client. I had a successful IBS & Intuitive Eating practice but I wanted to take it to the next level, and I felt stuck with how to grow.

I was so scared to start making changes in my business, but it was SO worth it! My goal was to make at least $5k per month consistently and in just one month of implementing strategies from her program, I made $9k!

I love the simple, yet effective tips she provides for every step of building a thriving practice, and the handouts and modules that help break everything down.

Bariatric Dietitian (Australia)

Meet Margaret Hays

I highly recommend signing up to Charlyn’s program. I have previously enrolled in a few coaching courses but it was so overwhelming that they only added to my anxiety of not knowing where to begin.

This is the first coaching program where I felt that it is the right fit for me and my business. Charlyn understands the Dietitian landscape really well and she is a skilled Instagram marketer herself.

She has a gentle, yet professional approach and provides a step-by-step framework to helping me develop an online program in my niche market.

kind words

Amanda Huynh
(PCOS Dietitian)

"Being able to earn my own money, that's always been what I've aspired to do"


"I have quadruple my revenue!"

Vanessa Hummel (IBS Dietitian)

The Momentum Club has really helped me to fine tune and streamline all the things that I was previously doing and use my time more effectively on strategies that worked for growing my business.

Charlyn has been so supportive and I really felt like she was in my corner every step of the way and she had my best interests at heart. It was great to be able to ask questions and get feedback on projects I was working on and the online portal and resources had everything I needed.

Leigh Merotto (IBS & sports dietitian)

I hesitated for a couple years to hire on a business coach, as I was confident I had made it really far on my own. I was booked out and bringing on lots of clients with great sales, but struggling to find work-life balance and always felt chained to my business.

After searching for a long time for the right fit and contemplating a coach, I made the leap to join Charlyn's program and instantly I knew it was the right choice. Since going through the program, I've been able to scale my business to take on more premium clients, increase my prices with ease, and launch an online program I feel incredibly confident about.

I am SO excited for the future of my business, and the growth I will continue to see with the confidence, mindset shifts and skills I've learned!

What Our Clients Say

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