About Charlyn

Ten months after starting my dietitian private practice, I crossed the 6-figures milestone and handed in my resignation at my hospital job.

Within 3.5 years, we turned it into a 7-figure business online (majority through organic marketing using Instagram). Now, I help other dietitians and nutritionists build their own profitable online practices, so they can make more money, enjoy more freedom, and serve more people.

Trip Down Memory Lane

How I Got Here

I've been a practising dietitian for over a decade. My first definition of success in the industry was to work my way up the ladder as a clinical dietitian and undertake as many certifications as possible in paediatrics, neonates and diabetes to become more and more qualified for “advanced” roles (I almost enrolled for a PhD at one stage!). But as I climbed the ladder and eventually became a senior specialist dietitian, I felt like something was missing.

Because instead of getting to work with clients on a long-term basis and truly help them achieve their goals, I often spent just half an hour counselling clients by their bedside (never to follow up or see them again). And I sometimes felt undervalued by the medical team, often trying to fight an uphill battle advocating for a patient’s nutritional needs. I wanted to create more impact with my expertise, and I needed more freedom to dictate how and when I worked with clients to make that happen.

Becoming a mom gave me the push to pursue my dreams and find a new way of working with clients and so in 2017, I took the leap to start a private practice and quickly grew my business after specialising in Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

I crossed the $100k milestone after ten months and decided to leave my permanent role at the hospital. By 2018, I had a 6-week waitlist and my hubby was able to retire from his career to join me in the business. I became the go-to IBS Dietitian in Perth (and my website ranked no. 1 on Google!).

I was so excited about the fast growth we were seeing in private practice, but I was soon surprised to find myself once again feeling like I wasn't making the full impact I could make. It seemed like I spent more time answering emails, handling administrative tasks, marketing, or billing for Medicare/insurance reimbursements than I did actually working with clients.

Although I had built my own successful private practice, I still sometimes found myself feeling unfulfilled, undervalued, and underpaid. I began questioning why I got into this field in the first place and whether or not I had simply lost my passion for nutrition.

I started to wonder… “Have I outgrown this work? Do I need a new career path? Is this industry not for me anymore?”

Before giving up on the nutrition industry entirely, I decided to start an Instagram account and see if there was a way to work with clients through digital courses on my own terms. I began to post consistently and leveraged free marketing on Instagram to grow my audience. Soon, I was able to launch and fill a membership, online course, group program, and hybrid programs without any ad spend - thanks to the ability to reach clients globally online.

We had our biggest launch of $32k in early 2020 (during COVID times!), and I saw the potential to scale my income further without working 10 hour days stuck in a clinic chair. I knew we were on to something, so I decided to transition my practice fully online in early 2020.

In June 2020, my online IBS practice hit $255k in annual revenue (that’s 2.5x my hospital job salary!) and when I saw what was happening globally with COVID, I knew I wanted to help other practitioners take their practice online so they could continue to work with clients and run their business despite lockdowns.

Plus, after experiencing many of the same challenges around impact and income in both my hospital job and private practice, I realized the traditional way of working with clients was no longer serving health practitioners (or our clients). The conventional method of seeing clients face-to-face, and offering pay-as-you-go sessions, was leading to burnout for providers and a lack of lasting change for our clients, and so I wanted to share my newfound approach with as many practitioners as possible!

Business coaching was my 10-year plan, but as the opportunity came up (with colleagues and other practitioners asking how I built so much success online), I started working with dietitians and nutritionists to build their profitable online practices. My clients were getting wonderful results and the word started to spread. So much so that, within a year, we took my brand new coaching practice from zero to $500k and we've helped over 100 practitioners so far!

“It’s not just about making money. It’s about making an impact.”

My Profitable Online Practice Approach

As much as I want to help you make more money (and my clients do smash their income goals), I also want to help you build a business that's aligned with your purpose and passion. I want to help you create the impact you want to create and to feel deeply satisfied with your work.

I don’t just teach you strategy. I also help you with mindset, overcoming limiting beliefs, and imposter syndrome (because I’ve seen these three things to be common challenges holding practitioners back from building a successful online practice!).

I believe that there isn't one right way to build a business. You don't need a cookie-cutter approach, and you're not just a number when you're in my program. I infuse personalized prompts and individualized support to help you build the online practice YOU want to run.

I've tried and tested different business models (from private practice with one-on-one sessions to online courses and memberships to group programs, etc.) and have experience with different launch and marketing strategies. I’m here to help you find the right business model that works best for you!

I want to help you build a Profitable Online Practice as a health practitioner so that you can serve more people and create the impact you've always desired.

I believe that you can be a
great dietitian and a
successful business owner.

Results I'm most proud of
(and what's possible for you, too!)

You can build a profitable online practice with very little overhead (saving on rent & many other expenses!). 

You can replace your income online and your earning potential is truly uncapped.

We know (and only teach you) what’s proven to work.

Building your profitable online practice can change your life… and your family’s life!

I've grown my IBS Dietitian Instagram account from 0 to over 69k followers organically and had a $32k launch (cash!) using IG (with no ad spend!).

Our roadmap works, and we show you how to attract people who're ready to buy your products and services online.

I’m not afraid to do things differently and can help you build the profitable online practice YOU desire… even if that means doing something you've never done before!

In June 2020, my IBS practice hit $255k annual revenue. (That’s 2.5x my hospital job salary!). My biggest launch to date has been $145k.

When I started coaching other nutritionists and dietitians using my Profitable Online Practice Framework, we took my brand new coaching practice from zero to $500k and have helped over 100 practitioners so far! With this coaching practice and my online IBS practice, I now run two successful multi-six figures businesses.

Many of my clients have left their 9-5s, going “all in” with their businesses. I've personally 'retired' my hubby from his career to join me in the business and we love getting to see our clients do this too.

My clients collectively made $1.8M+ this year. They’ve hit $30k months, had a $22k launch, hired and expanded their team, and one client even had a $10k month just FOUR months after starting their online business from scratch!

I was the first dietitian in Perth, Western Australia to have a fully virtual practice specialising in IBS.


Meet Amanda Hyunh

"Connecting with Charlyn early on in my career has been the BEST business decision I’ve made so far. I would not be where I am now without her program, support, and guidance.

As a new graduate, I was pretty lost in my direction. Charlyn’s program has given me a structured framework to build a strong foundation for my business, and the opportunity to scale my business early on.

Charlyn is authentic, caring and encouraging. She really is your biggest cheerleader. She continues to go above and beyond to help and motivate you to let go of self-limiting beliefs, have confidence in yourself and take a giant stride toward your dreams.

I highly recommend you to connect with Charlyn if you want to create a successful business that allows you to have work-life balance. I’m so grateful for you Charlyn!!"



Meet Ebony Crameri

"Working with Charlyn has been one of the best investments that I’ve made in my business.

The support, encouragement & guidance I have received from Charlyn has been exceptional. Her feedback is constructive & pushes me to step outside of my comfort zone and build my business without burning out. I’m now able to see clients anywhere in the world & make a bigger impact in my niche.

I have seen consistent growth in my online business & have exceeded my revenue goals each month. As a result, I’ve been able to leave my hospital role to focus on building my private practice. I honestly believe that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve these results as quickly as I have without Charlyn’s support."


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