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Yes! I'm not salesy or pushy in my approach and my clients like that the sales strategies I teach are about relationship building. They're value-driven.

My approach to sales is not about cold DM-ing potential clients (ick!), but more about creating a magnetic client attraction strategy. I teach you how to attract the right clients who want to work with you, rather than feeling like you have to use a salesy, icky, or forceful "bro-marketing" approach (that simply isn’t aligned for a lot of us!).

I’m great at helping people, but I’m not so good at selling myself. Will I be able to build a successful online practice?

Yes, you can still attract clients online even if you're an introvert (me too!), aren't great with tech, or just don't feel comfortable talking to the camera. I teach you how to market your business online - leveraging social media platforms - without living your life in front of a screen.

You won't have to spend hours on social media. It's ok if you don't want to dance or look silly on Reels, you get to be yourself! You can still market yourself authentically and be successful online, even if you're an introvert!

Personally, I started out feeling very camera shy and overwhelmed with all th tech. Because of that, I learned how to use social media effectively. I'm very strategic about how I use my time online and I make sure I'm zoned in on the things that'll move the business forward most. That's how I teach my clients to build their practice online, as well!

I’m an introvert or just generally don’t want to spend all of my time on social media. Can I still build an online practice?

A lot of nutritionists and dietitians come to me feeling like they need more experience as a Clinical Dietitian or like they need to work in private practice for someone else first. I totally understand that; I thought I needed to do this at first, too. In fact, I waited 9 years to start my business, thinking I needed more experience or a bigger "safety net". That waiting didn’t serve me... I made $500k in 2020, and I often think, "Where would my business be if I had started earlier?"

As health practitioners, we tend to think we need more clinical experience, but it's really the business experience that's missing. I can teach you how to build your online practice and get ahead fast (without wasting your time staying in a job you dread going to).

Do I need more experience working for someone else before I can start my online practice?

While I would recommend following a framework and getting support (so that you accelerate your success with proven strategies), you can absolutely start your practice or build a side-hustle while working full-time. Many of our clients began their businesses while working full-time, with just a few hours a week to dedicate to their online practice. I personally have built two multi-six figure businesses with a young child under 5 and generated 1 million dollars in revenue online so far!

If we can do it, I wholeheartedly know and believe you can too.

Is it possible to start my practice and build a “side-hustle” while working full-time?

This is one of the first thoughts I had when I started my online practice, too!

While there's no cookie-cutter approach to pricing your products and services for the online marketplace, there are best practices and strategies you can follow… and I often recommend starting with premium prices (because you have the experience to charge more and you'll attract clients who're more committed)!

If that has you feeling uncomfortable, you’re not alone.

I experienced the same mindset challenges when building my online practice, so I've got first-hand knowledge on how to guide you through these common blocks - like charging more, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, or not knowing how to market and launch your offers.

If you’d like support around any of these areas, I encourage you to check out my Programs and Services HERE. I’d love to help you create an offer and pricing strategy that aligns with your values, experience and desired business model!

"Help! I’ve no clue what to charge and I'm hesitant to raise my prices."

Absolutely! Sign up for my free training and discover my no-fail formula for building a profitable online practice. I'll share with you:

The biggest mistakes that stop most Dietitians or Nutritionists from building a thriving online business (and how to avoid these mistakes yourself)

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