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50 Instagram Reel Ideas for Dietitians & Nutritionists


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50 fun & easy ideas for your Reels (these don't go out trend!)

5 Styles of Reels you can create without showing your face

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I help Dietitians and Nutritionists take their expertise online to build and market their signature online programs.

As a Practising Dietitian and Business Coach with over 14 years of experience, I’m passionate about helping other health practitioners build a thriving online business by leveraging the power of Instagram.

In under 4 years, I’ve built 2 profitable businesses and generated well over 7 figures in revenue. We've launched 5 online programs, grew my audience to over 70,000 on Instagram, and built a global team.

I've mentored 600+ nutrition practitioners from all around the world and I’m all for helping you work smarter, so you can create a freedom-based business and live a life that you truly desire.

I'm a Practising Dietitian & International Business Coach with over 14 years of experience and I've built 2 multi-six figures businesses online.

Hey, I'm Charlyn!